Would you like to earn 100000$ ?

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Scott Aaronson, a well-known MIT computer scientist, has offered 100000$ to the person that convinces him (and in the same time the entire physics community) that scaleable quantum computing is impossible in the physical world. Although several principles of quantum computation like the implementation of Shor’s algorithm have already been prooven multiple qubit operations and quantum gates are still extremely difficult to realize and a reliable process to upscale is missing to date. The only integrated quantum computing system with claimed 128 qubits has been built by the Canadian company D-Wave although the most part of the physics community does not believe their claims. In the end time will tell if Scott Aaronson can be prooven wrong, in my opinion quantum computation is one of the most promising and most interesting fields of research today.


Demonstration of temporal cloaking

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Two earth sized planets orbiting Kepler-20 have been found

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